If you want to see a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome look no further than Ana Navarro on with Chris Cuomo last night … holy cow she lost it.

Ok, so she’s totally annoying and the sound of her voice is truly painful at this point BUT the look on Chris Cuomo’s face during this exchange makes it worth watching. Heck, if you don’t want to hear her shriek at the other guy just watch it with mute on.

Which is what we should have done looking back on it … live and learn.

And of course, like others with Trump Derangement Syndrome, she couldn’t wait to show off her ridiculous meltdown; you know if a Conservative had lost it like this over Obama the media would be calling them an unhinged, crazy racist. But since she attacked Trump hey, it’s something to brag about ya’ know.

It’s her new thing?

This is what journalism has become folks, a competition to see who can out-obnoxious everyone else.


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