What the Hell is Beyoncé wearing? She looks like she’s wearing a bizarre prom dress gone horribly wrong. Of course, ‘activist’ Shon Faye didn’t take issue with the fact that Beyoncé looks like a doily on a dinner table, no no, she took issue with Ed Sheeran because he looks like a normal human being onstage.

It’s a pair of jeans, get over it.

And seriously, we enable him to dress normally? Most people wear jeans, sneakers, t-shirts etc, even when they’re performing.

Men and women.

This is not a sexist thing or a man thing, this is a reality thing … hopefully, Shon is just trolling.


Right? She looks a little bit like some sort of rare peacock.

The nerve.



Because she’s on Twitter and that’s what you do on Twitter. You either slam Trump, slam Democrats, make fun of stupid people or get outraged that some evil man wore jeans onstage.

Gotta be.

That monster!


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