INTO magazine claims they cover queer news and culture, per their own bio on Twitter. Yesterday they pushed what seems like a fairly ‘triggered'(triggering?) article about Ariana Grande’s newest video, ‘Thank U, Next’ being ‘anti-queer’.


Full disclosure, this editor has not seen the video …

From INTO:

Queerness, in this case, is used as nothing more than a dry comedic prop. Ariana at this point not only responds to rumors about her sexuality just once, but twice in the video. She emphasizes her heterosexuality as a point of pride and empowerment.

We need to stop labeling straight women as “gay icons” because they give us the bare minimum representation. Visibility is not enough, especially when it can have such a negative impact on our lives. The video features queer, trans, and POC characters as props while centering one of the world’s biggest pop stars in blackface.

Alrighty then.

Would appear their readers were less than impressed with this article.

Gosh, Leftist made death threats over an article they disagreed with? Color us SHOCKED.


Who knew a video would cause so much fighting?

Oh, wait, the Left … never mind.

We have literally no idea what is going on here but it seems like INTO really pissed a lot of people off. It’s official, we’re the old people in the room complaining about how music today is too damn loud and questioning why anyone needs extra dessert.

We’re actually not sure but we think so?


We’re witnessing some sort of Intersectional Dance Fight or something … and it’s hilarious.


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