Conservatives have been responsible for the top stories trending on Facebook for several weeks now and our delicate friends on the Left can’t seem to deal with it. In fact, they have started claiming Facebook is a right-wing site (stop laughing) or that it’s been broken.

And all because the site finally seems to be an equal playing field for all political ideals.

Patrick Ruffini explained it well:

In other words, the Left is flipping out because more people are reading Conservative media.

We wrote about Nate Silver earlier:

Yes, we evil Conservatives are far more concerned with gaming the Facebook algorithm than we are writing stories people want to read.

Nate is onto us.

Of course, we wouldn’t.

But Facebook! Trump! Eleventy!


Yes, because only old people are Conservatives.

You know that face you make when the person in front of you at McDonalds doesn’t know what they want to order and you’re like, ‘IT’S MCDONALDS MAN, JUST ORDER A FREAKIN’ BIG MAC’!

Yup, just made that face.


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