In the many years we’ve been covering politics on Twitter (the many MANY years), we have yet to see anyone who struggles to articulate why they dislike Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton. Most people have a laundry list of policies, events, behaviors, talking points etc. that they can name off at the drop of a hat if they are asked about why they don’t like these Democrat dinosaurs.

And if Poli-Sci Professor Jennifer Victor had just ASKED why people dislike Nancy and Hillary things would have gone much more smoothly for her … but she didn’t.

Because you know, clearly the only reason anyone would dislike Hill-dawg and Nancy is because of gender bias.


Even the Left doesn’t care for these two ladies … is that still a gender bias thing or do we just assume that for people on the Right?


Republican women don’t count, silly.

Welp, if the good professor was indeed worried people couldn’t articulate why they don’t like Nancy and Hillary she learned otherwise.

Good times.


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