This CNN lawsuit just gets dumber and dumber.


Forget that Jim Acosta has yet to take responsibility for his own actions which led to his credentials being revoked in the first place, NOW it would appear CNN has at least five basic things WRONG in their actual lawsuit including the nature of Acosta’s questioning and other important deets:

From The Daily Caller:

The White House took Acosta’s pass last week after a contentious exchange with President Donald Trump during a post-midterm press conference. When a White House intern tried to pass the microphone to the next reporter, Acosta physically prevented the intern from taking the microphone.

In the official lawsuit, CNN makes several errors in its recounting of the events of the press conference that led to the revocation of Acosta’s pass.

1. Mischaracterizes Acosta’s Questioning

2. Claims All Reporters Used The Mic To Ask Questions

3. Ignores Acosta’s Repeated Interruptions

4. Refuses To Acknowledge Acosta Physically Prevented Intern From Taking Mic

5. Inaccurately Suggests A Named Reporter Was At The Press Conference 

It’s seriously almost like they filed this lawsuit for ratings.

Maybe we missed the part in the First Amendment that stated CNN journos have a right to a press pass.

We feel shocked.


And making the news about themselves, yup.


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