Bear with us while we put our tinfoil hats on but we’ve been watching this poll from Rep. Eric Swalwell about Trump placing troops at the border all day, and no matter how many people voted, the percentages on this poll stayed the same.

Now, is it possible that the same number of people kept voting yes and no? Sure. But you’d think with nearly 137k votes there would be some change either way here.

True story, when this editor voted NO first thing this morning it was 57% yes and 43% no. Even if the poll results were YES you’d think that in nearly nine hours the percentages would change a teensy bit one way or the other, right?

Or maybe we’ve been spending too much time on Twitter …

That being said, the feedback, especially from active duty and vets on his poll, also leads us to believe something strange is afoot here:

If nothing else, his poll was a hot mess of stupid.

All Eric really managed to do was remind everyone he’s completely out of touch with our military folks and their families.

Literally, hundreds of replies like these, all kicking the representative in the teeth … and yet the poll results didn’t change in over nine hours and 22k votes?

This editor is calling foul.


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