We know ‘The Babylon Bee’ was trying to be satirical with this piece on the Antifa idiots who attacked Tucker Carlson’s home but in their own way they actually reported what happened.

Far truer than they may have realized.

From The Babylon Bee:

As critics denounced the frightening actions of the mob, the group stood firm, claiming it was Carlson’s own fault for not parroting leftist talking points on his program.

“There’s a really easy way not to get mobbed in public places or your own home: march in lockstep with the leftist agenda,” said a Smash Racism D.C. spokesperson. “It’s really simple.”

“What’d you think we were gonna do, disagree civilly? Yeah, right!” he added.

Disagree civilly?! Yeah, right!


When your whole movement is about as believable as a site that publishes nothing but satire?


And nothing cracks us up quite as much as people on the Left who think ‘The Babylon Bee’ is real.

Good times.


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