We suppose one benefit of the Democrats winning the House is watching Mitch McConnell take them to the shed over and over again. Hey, some people get their entertainment from Hollywood, we get ours from D.C.

Gosh, that’s sorta sad when you say it out loud.

We know it won’t work for them but shhh … don’t tell Nancy Pelosi.

And considering how the Left reacted to Mitch’s statement, as we told you, this is gonna be GOOD.

Look at the fit they’re already throwing:

Oh, the turtle thing. Like he’s never heard that before.

Imagine the temper tantrums we’re going to see when the House can’t do what it wants to do because of the Senate.

Sheesh, they’re so angry.

Sure, that’ll play out GREAT in 2020 when Democrats have gotten nothing done and the American people are tired of their drama and BS.

Go for it.

Make our day.


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