Well well well, whaddya know?! Some voters ARE being suppressed in GA but NOT by Brian Kemp

Imagine trusting a group to register you to vote, only to find out that they ‘forgot’ to hand in your registration and the registrations of countless others … honestly, we just feel really sorry for these voters.

And infuriated by the actions of this group so busy claiming that Brian Kemp is suppressing the vote that they actually SUPPRESSED PEOPLE’S VOTES.


This is what happens when the narrative matters more than people.

From 13WMaz:

… students at Mercer University will not be able to vote in Georgia after a civil rights organization did not register them.

Bronwyn James and Julia Swain are two students from Mercer’s Townsend School of Music. They and other music performance students registered to vote with an organization that was canvassing outside of ZBeans Coffee back in September.

“A group of us got together to register at the stand, then a few weeks later, we went to the polling station to vote, and the registration volunteers let us know that we weren’t in the system,” Swain said.

The group of students had registered with Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, a civil rights advocacy group. The organization was supposed to deliver the applications to the Secretary of State’s office, but several students’ applications never made it.


And they’re still blaming Kemp (and Erickson for tweeting about the article):

So Kemp is to blame for this group ‘forgetting’ to hand in voter registrations?

Alrighty then.

Because you know, it’s ok if only a few people get screwed out of voting.

For real?

Imagine being so wrapped up in your own narrative that you’re willing to defend a group literally suppressing voters.

We can’t even.


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