Glenn Beck wrote what appears to be a fairly kick-ass thread about voting and the importance of making your vote count. He also touched on free markets, free speech, the Bill of Rights, and pointed out how much socialism sucks so you KNOW the Left lost their proverbial shiznit.

Statism sadly isn’t just running rampant on the Left, we see plenty of it from Republicans who talk about cutting spending and shrinking the government and yet still spend spend spend like their Leftist counterparts.

The media really wants to make this election about Trump, don’t they? And ultimately it’s so much BIGGER than just one man.

Glenn gets this.

And boom.

Socialism sucks.

Of course, Glenn said it much more nicely but he’s right. Canada and Sweden are not socialist utopias like the Ocasio-Cortez’s and the Sanders’ of the Left want you to believe. They look like Cuba. Venezuela.

Guess how the Left reacted:

It’s not fear-mongering when it’s true.

Dude needs to put a shirt on.

These people.

See why we have to #VoteRed? We mean C’MON!


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