Again, we’re not sure what happened to Lindsey Graham when John McCain died but HOLY MOLY, this new Lindsey is taking ZERO prisoners when it comes to illegal immigration and the idea of doing away with birthright citizenship.

Which hopefully means Trump will reconsider doing this by executive order.

You know that face you make when you’re not sure if someone just said something that might get them in trouble but you’re sort of pumping your fist mentally because they had the cojones to say it?

Just made that face.

Cue the shrieking.


They don’t understand what Lindsey is saying here but eh … so it goes.

Sure, curtailing illegal immigration is nonsensical.

Suppose when it’s a huge part of your voting base you see it that way, eh?

Ooh, this guy has a blue check.


Why do we even bother?

Actually since Lindsey is looking at going through Congress he very well might.

The more hashtags someone uses the more seriously you should take them.

Oh, wait, that’s like the opposite.

We. Can’t. Even.


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