As Twitchy told you earlier, Julia Ioffe thinks she would be safer in Russia as a journalist than she is in America and Ben Shapiro called this out because HELLO, journalists have been known to DIE in Russia for writing the wrong things.

But you know, Trump is a big meanie head.

Shapiro’s harassment is fairly well known … unless your name is Tom Arnold.

We’re not entirely sure what the Hell Tom was thinking by picking a fight with Ben of all people but hey, we’ve never claimed he’s a smart man.


Maybe it’s Tom who should shut up and listen considering he has been tweeting a whole lot of stupid today:

FFS, Tom.

If there was ever a poster boy for eating paint chips that would be Tom Arnold. He’s sort of piling on a Jewish woman here, right?

Not the first time he’s picked on a woman either.

Wow. As if we needed a reminder that Tom Arnold isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.


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