It’s official.

Republican apologists are the worst of the worst.

Jeff Flake complaining about tribalism like it’s the GOP who has been acting like unhinged hyenas for the last two years may be the final straw. Forget that he admitted he would never have requested the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh if he actually had to answer to his voters … but to play the division card on his way out the door.

Gag us with a spoon.

Blah blah blah.

When does he leave?

Jesse Kelly seems to agree with us.

Yes, yes they are.

And weak women.

Weakness, in general, seems to be an issue with far too many elected Republicans, and this circus around Kavanaugh proves it.

After all of this crap, and if the FBI comes back with zero evidence of Ford’s claim, Flake better not be a no.

But then again, he has no one to answer to …

That’s what it boils down, trying to appease people who hate you anyway.

But sure, Jeff, tell us more about tribalism.


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