From the very beginning, Democrats insisted that their antics around the Kavanaugh nomination weren’t political.

And then when we were done laughing at them and that silly claim, they quickly went to work proving it was indeed political. From grandstanding like Spartacus during the original hearings to posting photos of themselves watching Ford testify to playing super secret sleuthing squirrel during the committee session this past Friday … we’re not sure we’ve ever seen them be more political.

Like poor Sheldon Whitehouse, who most of us had likely never heard of until Kavanaugh came along.

Look, he’s got a calendar and he drew circles around stuff! OOOOOH.

From TownHall:

Whitehouse is a Rhode Island Democrat whose office received a separate and completely uncorroborated anti-Kavanaugh rape allegation that made its way into the press.  The claim has since been recanted, with possible legal trouble ahead for the false accuser.  At the beginning of this clip, Whitehouse asserts he doesn’t believe Kavanaugh told the truth about inside jokes referenced in his high school yearbook, then launches into the 7/1/82 theory of the case.  Is this a potential smoking gun?  After all, some key names from Ford’s account match up with the people Kavanaugh listed as in attendance at that particular gathering.

Mr. Kane told the Weekly Standard that he has no recollection of Ford ever attending a party at this house, which does not in any way match her description of the home in which she was allegedly assaulted.

Continued …

In short, virtually none of the details match with Ford’s description, meaning that we can conclude with relatively strong certainty that Ford was not assaulted at Timmy’s party on July 1, 1982.  Will Sen. Whitehouse, who saw fit to float this weak theory, stipulate as much, now that it’s blown up?

Like Benson said, sleuthing FAIL.

This could be said of most of the Democrat’s behavior during these hearings.

And he’s trying so hard too!



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