Democrats are so easy.


Who cares about spending, budgets, security, safety, and the American people when you’ve got legislators running for office who are so super cool that they skateboard at a Whataburger?

They really think this way …

Don’t take our word for it, look at Ron Perlman’s reaction.

SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS! If only he had a few CAPS in there …

Wait, Ron doesn’t even live in Texas. Fascinating.

And you know, nothing convinces Texans to vote for a guy like a Hollywood elite telling them to.


Wanna see something even weirder though?

Beto’s fans don’t expect much from him if this is all it takes to excite them.

And you know, if they’re pushing his skateboarding there’s not a whole lot of policy to talk about. But hey, you do you, Shannon and Ron.



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