Brian Stelter has been such an ADVOCATE for the poor, victimized media, calling Trump and others out for ‘attacking’ his brethren when they insist they are fake news. Surely if he believes it’s wrong for one side to ‘ban’ or mistreat the media he holds the other ‘side’ to that same standard.

He’s reliably unbiased, right?

Or maybe he’s not.

Super reliable.

Are you kidding?


Fair point.

It’s refreshing that she’s ‘thinking something through.’ That doesn’t say great things about our favorite Democratic Socialist.


Massive blind spot.

Media is always front and center to protect their precious Democrats.

Or in this case, their precious Democratic Socialist.

And again, fair.

We heard you the first time, Brian, settle down.

So defensive.


But his retweet is real, so …

Man, he sure likes his own story.


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