Charlie Sheen is having a so-called ‘dire financial crisis’ because he only has $10 million to his name.

Yes, you read this correctly.

Hey man, don’t look at us, Jezebel wrote it …

Only $10 million?! POOR CHARLIE!

From Jezebel:

According to a new report in PeopleCharlie Sheen is now what some of us like to call “rich people broke,” meaning he’s still very rich when compared to 99 percent of the country, but considers himself “broke” because he can no longer live as extravagantly as he did when making $1.8 million an episode for a dumpy television show called Two and a Half Men.

How will he survive on that paltry $10 million? Poor dear.

If we rolled our eyes any harder we would probably actually injure ourselves.

This editor is also in that same boat.


This is not too far off from the truth; scary, ain’t it?

Literal LOL.

Thoughts and prayers, Charlie.


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