If Larry Elder ever says, “Yo,” and then your name? It’s never a good thing.

Take Jimmy Kimmel’s word for it.

Larry just dragged Jimmy Kimmel like he’s never been dragged before.

And he brings up a good point … most of late night ‘comics’ are white men.

But Trump and stuff though, right?

Such a diverse crowd.

And we’re guessing Larry was a little too truthful because most of the responses to his tweet are just pathetic:

Distraction from what?


Maybe Larry should have written his tweet in crayon.

*eye roll*

His point is that Kimmel is a giant hypocrite … this ain’t rocket science, people.

You know the face you make when you’re driving in the left-hand lane and some schmuck drifts over into the lane going really slow? Yeah, we just made that face.

Silly, Trump wouldn’t hold a Klan rally, he’s not a Democrat.


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