Ok, full transparency, this thread is FREAKING CRAZY LONG, but so worth the read.

Especially knowing how awful most flights are these days … this is lovely.

Enjoy (and get some popcorn!):

Her commentary is just so hilarious.

Hey man, flying stinks. That she found something wonderful to share that also seems to have kept her busy during the flight is a win-win.


Whoa, not a cheese board!


Oh yeah, Rosey had quite the audience for her thread.

250k people in fact watched this story play out.

Crazy right?

Hrm, ya’ don’t say?

More input from the audience watching, LOL!

These faces.

We love this.

Awwwwwwww again.

So well done. We read and write about so much negative ‘stuff,’ it was a joy to cover this thread.

Thank you Rosey!


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