When you’re openly cheering a ‘Democratic Socialist’ (which is, c’mon, really just a Socialist) it’s way past time to admit you’re not really a Conservative. Looking at you, Ana Navarro …

Respect the hustle. We know she means this differently than we are taking it … but hey, if this is what impresses Ana these days more power to her. She should just admit she’s not a Conservative or even a Republican anymore.

She’d be far happier and more believable.

It wasn’t just Ana, either. Of course, we weren’t surprised to see this yahoo gushing over Ocasio.


A Democratic Socialist is a role model for our kids.

Oh, Geraldo.

Just no.

And maybe this editor is super old and out of touch, but WTH is Clap-back?

All you young’ns with your silly words and socialism.

Git off our lawn!

Oh yeah, there’s that too. Sort of like Hillary claiming she carries hot sauce with her wherever she goes?

Would appear that way.

Now if only she’d admit it openly.

Umm … ok, now we REALLY want to know what this Clap-back thing is.


And we are more than happy to see her go.

See Ana, it’s a win-win!


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