You guys remember Susan Rice, yeah? The gal who went on at least five different talk shows and lied about Benghazi? Lied about Bergdahl? So she’ll have to excuse us if her sharing this story casts serious doubts about whether or not we believe it’s true.

This is huge, she says. If true.

From the 11th Hour:

Analysts at the CIA and other intelligence agencies don’t see it that way, according to more than a dozen American officials who are familiar with their assessments and spoke on the condition of anonymity. They see a regime positioning itself to extract every concession it can from the Trump administration — while clinging to nuclear weapons it believes are essential to survival.

‘… and spoke on the condition of anonymity.’ Ugh, we hate these magical, anonymous sources, especially on a story like this.

Fair. If the 11th Hour wanted their story to be believable, the LAST person they want sharing it is Susan Rice.

Just sayin’.

No credibility, indeed.

This went swimmingly.


At this point, anything is possible.

And that’s the kicker. Well, besides the fact that she’s a known liar who is desperately trying to save face here. If this is at all true, does she really think the administration isn’t already well aware of it? Another article on the facility written by the Wall Street Journal said construction was ongoing in April and May …

That too.


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