It would appear Susan Sarandon was arrested while protesting the government’s migration policy.

From BBC News:

Police in Washington say 575 people were charged with unlawfully demonstrating on Thursday.

The women were protesting against the government’s migration policy and cases of children being separated from their parents on the southern border.

Further protests are scheduled for Saturday.

The actress, who won an Oscar for Dead Man Walking in 1996 and also starred in 1991’s Thelma and Louise and The Witches of Eastwick in 1987, announced her arrest on Twitter.

Don’t feel bad, we didn’t notice that she got arrested either.

It’s in our Miranda Rights, duh.

And even though Susan spent her first few moments under arrest to tweet her followers that she had been arrested protesting, it seems the Resistance was less than impressed with her efforts.

This went well for Susan.


Seeing a pattern forming here, Susan.

Man, these blue wave types can really hold a grudge.

Told ya’.


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