How absolutely vile does someone have to be to say something like this about the NRA?


Alyssa, this was ugly, even for you.

Look, we get it, she hates guns and thinks that somehow the NRA is out there arming lunatics but it’s just not the case. Honestly, if she’d spend even 15 minutes Googling the NRA (and not reading garbage sites like NoRA) she’d figure out pretty damn quick that she just spit in the faces of our troops with this tweet.

Katie Pavlich has had enough:


But then again, Alyssa still thinks a non-profit makes money so there may be no educating her on this.

Someone get her a Dictionary. Tell her to look up NON-PROFIT.


Ok, that one had to sting.

Her not knowing what she’s talking about doesn’t seem to keep her from tweeting a bunch of stupid about it.

Maybe she should just stick with selling clothing with sports teams logos on it? This whole anti-NRA thing doesn’t seem to be going all that great for her.

She has become her own worst enemy and she doesn’t even know it.

Shh … no one tell her.


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