As Twitchy reported, Joy Reid’s old blog posts have resurfaced and it appears many of them are homophobic, Islamophobic and even took misogynistic digs at her fellow progressive buddy, Rosie O’Donnell. And while Joy is busy insisting some magical, devious, Conservative, time-traveling SUPER hacker went back over a decade in time to frame her because he or she knew that Trump would be president one day, the majority of us ain’t buyin’ it.

We wonder what Chelsea Handler has to say about the gal who hosts her favorite news show now?

Odds are she probably buys the magical hacker story but still … if the truth comes out that Joy was indeed responsible for these ugly posts (she linked to the Gateway Pundit!) then Chelsea and a bunch of others on the Left will have a lot of ‘coming to Jesus’ to do.


Even then people weren’t exactly supportive of the sad, rich lady taking a month to ski and reflect while complaining 24/7 about the country who gave her the means and ability to take a vacation like that.

Get your popcorn because this could be reeeeeally interesting.


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