Yesterday after the news broke that a white van had been driven into groups of pedestrians in Toronto, killing 10 and injuring 15, William Shatner sent his thoughts to his home country of Canada.

Seems simple enough, right?

Unless you’re talking about Shatner’s timeline which is normally filled with various trolls and SJWs looking to give Captain Kirk a hard time. Like this yahoo:

Umm … at this point we knew at least nine people had been killed.

Sadly, authorities later upped the number to 10.

Notice all Shatner did was point out the number of people who had been killed, nothing more. He made no statement or expressed any opinion over what may have happened or who the killer was.


Nobody jumped to any conclusion here, except for the guy concluding that Shatner was jumping to a conclusion.

Dude. C’mon.


We especially like how polite Shatner was to the guy. Heh.


It’s not.

Trolls are gonna troll.


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