As Twitchy readers know, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has banned knives.

Because you know, it went so well when they banned guns … ironically banning guns is one of the reasons they have such an increase in knife violence but we digress. Reactions from all around social media ranged from anger to outrage to hilarity. People wondering how Londoners will cut their steaks or open tough packages, but Ben Shapiro’s two-photo tweet about the ridiculousness of banning knives really hit home.

Remember this?

Sure Sadiq, knives, and guns are the problem, not crazy hatchet-wielding evil terrorists who kill an innocent person in broad daylight.

Don’t give the man any ideas.

Funny how it’s always the people with armed security who tell the rest of us we don’t need a weapon.

Ban all the hammers!

Pathetic isn’t it.

You get the government you deserve.


Knife control now! London Mayor says ‘anyone’ carrying the sharp utensil will feel the ‘full force of the law’