Oh no! The Daily Beast can’t paint all Conservatives and right-wingers as the alt-right anymore.

Whatever will they do?!

You mean it really was just a group of Internet trolls doing troll stuff?

Gosh, color us shocked.

From The Daily Beast (sorry):

“Within a very short period of time, the whole group was essentially decimated. One year after Pierce was dead, that group was done and had splintered into a whole bunch of factions,” Beirich said. “That was the case where a leader died, and I imagine Heimbach’s downfall is almost a death to the Traditionalist Worker Party.”

Under the pressure of lawsuits, jail time, scandal, and shame, she imagines some current alt-righters will simply slink away, if they haven’t already.

“I’m sure we’re going to lose some people and we’re going to have some fighting over the crumbs that are left.”

Or, you know, they were never anything more than some annoying fringe group of Internet trolls you guys could used to paint anyone and everyone you disagreed with politically as Nazis. You know, the movement the media itself FUELED?

Truth hurts.


They never listen.


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