As Twitchy reported earlier, Joan Walsh has come under fire for ‘attacking’ Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv.

Does that mean it’s time for another boycott?

This really sucks, eh Joan?

No, we’re not ok with her attacking Kyle.

Raise your hand if you’re NOT shocked they’re one of CNN’s biggest advertisers.

*eye roll*

And there it is.

Ben’s right.

If we go down this road of boycotting companies that advertise on political shows because their hosts are political we’re really setting the entire country up to lose. Boycotts don’t just hurt the Laura Ingraham’s and Joan Walsh’s … they hurt everyone who works with and for them. And their families. And their communities.

This is not activism, this is bullying of the worst kind.

Democrats seem hell-bent and silencing voices that disagree with them.

And we know, Conservatives get TIRED of hearing this, but we have to be better.

A sad reality of 2018 politics.



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