With all the anger and advertiser boycotts directed at Laura Ingraham over her tweet about Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS student activist David Hogg, we do wonder if CNN’s Joan Walsh will face anywhere near the same level of vitriol over this nasty response to fellow student Kyle Kashuv. And by “we do wonder” we really mean, “Of course not! Joan will get a pass!”:

Walsh was responding to this tweet from Kashuv where he called out the CNN contributor for liking a tweet from an exchange with a father of a murdered MSDHS student:

Let’s see if Walsh apologizes, but we won’t hold our breath:

Kashuv had an additional encounter with a CNN employee over the weekend as well. Anisa Husain, the producer who cancelled on Kashuv last week, reportedly took her account private after a back-and-forth with the teen:

CNN, you have some explaining to do: