You probably don’t know who David Klion is … no big loss.

We didn’t until he went on some bizarre rant about how we need to ban cars (that we thought had to be a parody but nope, he meant it).

And clearly, Twitter thinks enough of him to validate and verify him, which should tell you everything you need to know about his ‘opinions’ on Kevin Williamson leaving the National Review to write for The Atlantic.

Someone sounds jelly.

What, The Atlantic didn’t want to feature his rants about how no one should drive cars unless absolutely necessary? Crazy talk.

How brave of David to talk like this about Kevin since he’s not around to defend himself.

Not that Kevin would probably care what David thinks but still, that’s pretty damn cowardly.

*David happens to have this editor blocked as well*

Solid authority. WELL IF YOU SAY SO.

We happen to have it on solid authority that Kevin rocks, but we digress.

Wonder if David sees the irony of calling Kevin a bigot and cruel after he spent several tweets trashing him?

Probably not.

He would.

Right?! We’ll miss reading him at NRO but at least we can still read him somewhere.

They do love to project.





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