Hillary Clinton couldn’t let a nation-wide event like #NationalWalkoutDay go by without using it to pretend that she’s the president. Her comments are doubly annoying after what she said about states that didn’t vote for her while she was falling down the stairs over in India.

Just not kids in red states where she didn’t win in 2016 because they’re filled with racists, bigots, and sexists … right, Hilldawg?


Nobody is better at losing than Hillary is … so winning?

It is sad. Someone close to her should tell her it’s time to move on and stop pretending she won the election.

Ha! #Caring

What he said.

Objectifying and dehumanizing half of the country that didn’t elect you to pretend you didn’t actually lose the election is not exactly an endearing quality, gram-gram.

And she wonders why she couldn’t beat the most unpopular GOP candidate in history.


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