Seems some people don’t ‘approve’ of us here at Twitchy calling David Hogg out for his behavior and tweets (sad trombones), because you know, he’s just a kid and stuff so we should give him a pass.

Even though he’s working to destroy companies and spouting some of the dumbest talking points we’ve ever seen, and we see a LOT of dumb considering we follow Chelsea Handler’s Twitter feed.

Well, so we don’t upset the delicate nature of a few readers out there, we’ll let Kyle Kashuv do the calling out for us this time. It all starts here:

David, really? Kiddo, you’ve spent nearly a month trying to take rights from Americans and screeching about Republicans and Trump, not to mention the ridiculous attacks on the NRA and Dana Loesch.


That’s adorable.


From the mouths of babes and stuff?

Indeed he has.

We are.

They were busy dancing on the Ellen Show … cut ’em some slack.



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