Over the past two weeks, the Left has been pressuring everybody and their dog to cut ties with the NRA. And like good little sheep, a few companies have given in and all but crapped on 5.5 million+ NRA members and people who ultimately support the Second Amendment. And while we’re seeing negative effects of these decisions affect these companies (we see you, Delta), some have doubled down and even made statements about supporting gun control.

Like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Blah blah blah and blah.

Interesting how a sporting goods store is caving to a group of people who has likely never set foot in their stores and couldn’t tell a tennis shoe from a hiking boot, but hey, whatever.

They sure made the Left happy and at the end of the day, that seems to be their priority. Not their customers or their bottom lines, nope. It’s all about appeasing the social media mob.

Way to go, Dick’s.


It really is perfect.

We may have laughed JUST LIKE this.

Ok, we totally did.

Who are you to judge us?!

Ooh, good timing with the Oscars tomorrow.

And it always seems to happen on Twitter.

Thank the Twitter Gods.


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