Folks, find yourself someone who looks at you the way Bill Mitchell looks at Donald Trump.


Because like Whitney once sang, he’s found the greatest love of all.



Forget that no real Conservative would ever find a way to justify the government imposing any sort of gun control, but this is almost as bad as when the Left uses car insurance to prove Obamacare is Constitutional and stuff.

Painful, Bill.


Dude IS consistent.

THERE YA’ GO, now we’re really talking like a bunch of Lefties.


Excellent sarcasm in this tweet, just sayin’.

No, really.


Dude, right?

He doubled down:

Nice try Bill, and we get it, you’re his biggest cheerleader and you’re trying to put forth a good deal of damage control, but this is eff’d up from Trump and he needs to fix it, ASAP.

Sorry, not sorry.


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