The NRA takes a lot of crap from people who are absolutely clueless about not only firearms in general but gun control legislation.

So we hardly blame them for their ‘rhetoric’ which some even on the Right have seen fit to criticize … it’s gotta get old after awhile.


We hear you, loud and clear.

And Rosie heard them loud and clear too, although we’re not exactly sure how much is ‘clear’ in this lady’s head:

Compromise Wayne, which really means she wants him to give in and do what she wants.

Oh, and really Rosie, Columbine? Umm … we hate to break this to her but:

So tell us more about how a magical ‘assault weapon ban’ will work to stop these mass shootings.

Oh, that’s right, THEY WON’T.

But go ahead, keep vilifying the NRA and legal, gun-owning Americans because you don’t know any better.


But she wants Wayne to compromise or something because THIS TIME the ban will work.


You’d think people like Rosie would just take a little time and do a teensy bit of research on guns and gun laws before opening their big mouths to screech at the NRA.

Wait, it is Rosie we’re talking about here.

Never mind.


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