Raise your hand if you’re really sick and tired of listening to the Left screech endlessly about the NRA. And then raise your hand if their incessant whining inspired you to either renew your membership or join up for the first time.

What’s most hypocritical about the Left’s claims about the NRA is that their own pet organization, Planned Parenthood, literally kills hundreds of thousands of human beings every year, and actually receives money from the government. So while they’re shaking their fists demanding that companies boycott the NRA, Planned Parenthood is busy killing the unborn.

And somehow this makes sense in their tiny heads.

So much so that when the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) compared the two organizations the Left lost their damn minds (as usual):

HA! Richard seems angry … he should smile more. Or maybe work to include more fiber in his diet.

Just sayin’.

We’d rather see Spicier do the Tootsie Roll.

She told him.


You know what makes us ashamed? Not much BUT this reaction about a moral compass from someone with a no-Trump symbol as their avi cracks us UP!

Twinkie, you troglodyte.

Acne is the real monster.

We’re actually watching this Spicier tweet because we know eventually they will lose it on him:



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