We kinda sorta totally and completely adore The Babylon Bee. Yeah, we know, they’re a satire site but MAN … they get so much RIGHT when they’re writing their stories and tweets. Take for example this Kamala Harris SLAM that highlights everything gross and sad in her hypocrisy about how we need to protect the children.


And you know this isn’t exactly a stretch for Kamala Harris who has multiple times insisted we need to protect innocent life while pandering to and enabling the butchers at Planned Parenthood.

As with most Lefties, only the lives that serve their agenda (and ultimately their ability to get elected) matter to them.

That’s the truth, sorry not sorry.


Prepare to roll your eyes at least a dozen times a day if and when she does.

Thinking this one hit a little too close to home for this fella.

Poor guy.

Hrm, we’re not entirely sure these people know this is satire.

Which says so much about the level of satire The Babylon Bee is putting out there.



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