Great news folks!

Jennifer Lawrence is making a MASSIVE sacrifice and taking a break from acting so she can work on ‘fixing’ our Democracy.

Yeah, we couldn’t actually write that with a straight face either.

Oh, thank goodness Hollywood is willing to save us ALL.

Did she forget ‘The Hunger Games’ was fiction or what because clearly she forgot we’re not actually a Democracy?

Save us Jennifer, HALP HALP!

*el oh el*


Yup, she does think that she’s actually going to save us all, just like Chelsea Handler when she ‘left’ her comedy show on Netflix to become a political activist.

When will these people figure out they are only helping Trump stay in office when they act like this? They would do far less damage to their silly ‘movement’ if they would just shut up and act.

Sounds legit.

If only they’d take a break from babbling about politics.

Ha! We see what he did there.

That would at least be a good start.

And he just described basically everyone in Hollywood.

Oh, THAT’S right, we forgot about that. Full disclosure, we still can’t remember which movie it was she forbade Trump supporters from attending.

Way to go, Jennifer.


PRICELESS! Jennifer Lawrence’s defense of Elizabeth Warren is NOT helping (Hint: Heap big HILARIOUS)

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