The Left has been waiting with bated breath as their superhero Mueller and his team work to ‘right the wrong’ that was the 2016 election wherein their queen was defeated by the evil Trump.

Reads like some sad novel, doesn’t it? But it’s true.

They so badly need to believe that someone, something, ANYTHING helped Trump of ALL PEOPLE beat Satan incarnate, aka Hillary Clinton.

Seems though that as they’ve been investigating, they’ve found something interesting the Left won’t like:

An organization called, ‘Trump Is Not My President’. Hrm, so if Russia was working to help elect Trump, why on Earth would they then turn around and try to help the Democrats after he’d won the election?

It doesn’t make sense.

Or does it.


All of them.

Lawdy Lawdy!

Oh, and there are plenty of Lefties freaking out on this thread about Mueller’s find:

Right? RIGHT?!

Like it matters.

Maybe these yahoos missed it, but it was after the election when we heard the most noise and Hillary was still pretending she might have actually won. Heck, there are idgits out there claiming she might still be president if Mueller proves THE RUSSIANS DID IT.

Sounds like the Russians did PLENTY of things, but electing Trump was likely NOT one of them.

If nothing else, this is beginning to draw the conclusion that Russia didn’t want Trump to win, Russia didn’t really care who won, they just want a divided and weakened America.

Or it was the Uranium thing.


Either way, FASCINATING find.

Keep up the good work, Mueller. (ha!)


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