When John Fugelsang isn’t blocking Conservatives who disagree with him (ahem), seems he is busy accusing the Vice President of being a bigot and a homophobe while making vile jokes about Pence’s sexuality.

Gosh, John seems really upset.

Someone hand him a tissue.

Or drop a mic on him, like outspoken GAY Conservative Chad Felix Greene did:

It does seem to be their go-to, doesn’t it?

Like John is the keeper of Christianity.

*eye roll*

Yes. Yes, he does.

He’s awful.


It’s ok for certain gay men and women to be attacked because they don’t vote the way John wants them to, so in his sad little mind, that makes them fair game.


And uh-oh, John is gonna BLOW.

We had to use screenshots of the following tweets because John deleted a bunch … guess when you’re getting schooled on homophobia by a gay conservative you have to try and save face.



Sit down, John.


D’OH! UN _Women wants to fight gender bias by removing gender-specific nouns, there’s just ONE PROBLEM