Every time Kamala Harris tweets about ‘the children’, whether it’s saving them from guns, or CHIP, or evil tax cuts, or if she’s blathering on about Dreamers, the fact that she openly supports abortion up to birth keeps us from taking her seriously about their well-being.

Ok, full transparency, Kamala being Kamala keeps us from taking her seriously about much of anything, but you get the picture.

What did she think would happen if she tweeted this?

Won’t someone please think of the children?!

Sure, tell us another one.

She is also doing this so she can lump gang violence into her ‘protect the children’ pandering to up the number of young people hurt or killed by guns.

Kamala wants to make it even MORE illegal to murder people.

Super duper double illegal.

That oughta do it!

Oh yeah, what about that little tidbit? What is she doing to protect children from criminals crossing the border illegally?


She’s a Democrat, don’t pester her with the reality of how they absolutely pick and choose which laws to enforce depending on their talking point of the day.

That’s oppressive or something.


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