Guess we should just be glad Nancy Pelosi didn’t call the memo doggie doo or crumbs, right?

If you can read this without rolling your eyes less than five times you’re better people than we are.

Check it out:

It’s a bouquet to his friend, Putin? WTF? The dossier all but proves the only people who colluded with Russia were DEMOCRATS, Nancy.

Maybe she didn’t read it?

It’s amazing, and not in a good way, that she continues to push the Russia conspiracy theories around Trump when just moments ago the entire country got to see who actually reached out to Russia in hopes to frame Trump.

Then again, her base will lap this up because they can’t accept that Trump beat their queen, fair and square.

Silly, that was a year ago.

She couldn’t spin this more if she were an old dryer from the 70’s.

Wow Nan, people seem sorta pissed off about all of this.

Too late to save face, but she could definitely resign.



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