The Trump administration has released an immigration plan that could lead to 1.8 million new citizens AND the much-anticipated wall. And considering building the wall has been the law for nearly 13 years now, it’s about time they actually got it done, don’t you think?

But wow, is there anything sillier than Kamala Harris waxing poetic about ‘American values’?

Which value? Respecting the law of the land? Cherishing citizenship? Living here LEGALLY?

Forget that Obama created this mess because he was too lazy to actually work with Congress and fix our immigration system which is truly a disaster, but now it’s somehow the Republican’s responsibility to fix everything?

Gettin’ rough in here.

But lawyers know ALL the things.


Don’t mess with Granny.

We’re going to guess Kamala hears this A LOT.

Not sure that word means what she thinks it means.

Even this Dreamer gets it, Kamala. Trump’s immigration plan could result in nearly two million new citizens …

This is a fair question and asked with zero snark and a reminder that he supports legal immigration. And let’s be honest, most Americans DO support legal immigration, it’s the people who sneak into this country illegally and then expect us to make them legal citizens that make most of us nuts. Name another country where people illegally enter and then have the nerve to demand citizenship.

THAT runs counter to our values, Kamala.


Bully says WHAT? Kamala Harris won’t let the LAW jeopardize her safety, calls Trump admin ‘bullies’