As Twitchy readers know, Rep. Pat Meehan believed his MUCH younger aide was his soulmate. Yup, the married, father of three admitted he developed a ‘deep affection’ for the young lady.

Seems his affection may have been deep enough to influence him to vote AGAINST the GOP bill to repeal Obamacare.

No really, read his letter.

He had to say no to Americans who want the nightmare to end so he could impress a chick.

Sure dude, tell us another one.

If you read the letter, it’s obvious he wanted his aide to know that when he voted against the repeal that it was for her. Honestly, this letter reads like some sappy nonsense a guy would write his girl in high school …

All you can do is shake your head, and make fun of him.

Oh, and not re-elect him.

And seriously pathetic.

At this point, Meehan has not resigned, but we agree.

Seeing it in black and white, in his own handwriting – c’mon man, have some dignity and resign.

That is the EXACT face we made when we read it.



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