For years, Democrats have been telling anyone who would listen that Republicans are the party of the rich and that they only pass legislation that benefits the uber-wealthy in the country.

All while pushing the other narrative that Republicans hate the poor.

Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz have proven which party is really out of touch with the poor by making comments about ‘crumbs’ from the GOP tax cuts, so it was only a matter of time until Ted Cruz called them out:

Oh, and in case this wasn’t enough damage, here’s his double tap:

Talking down to people who really need those ‘crumbs’ isn’t doing the Democratic party any favors, Nan and Deb.

But since it is Democrats we’re talking about, it would seem they’re just not bright enough to understand they’re being talked down to.

$1000 is groceries for a family of four for a month (or more), a couple of car payments, insurance, deductible.

It’s pathetic if you think about it, Democrats are so twisted they think that $1000 should stay with the government.

They just aren’t paying attention.

That or they’re the ones eating Tide pods … we’re not entirely sure just yet.


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