Matt Drudge doesn’t tweet often, and when he does he only leaves the tweet(s) up for a brief amount of time before he removes it. And this one slamming Michael Wolff for telling the WORLD that Trump doesn’t want to be president may be one of his most biting:

From The Hill:

Author Michael Wolff said in a new interview that he believes President Trump does not want to be the president.

“There is nothing to indicate that … Trump is going to find his footing as the president of the United States, that he’s going to be able to put a staff around him … that knows what they’re doing and a staff that he listens to,” Wolff told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

He added that it seems clear Trump will never settle on “attainable goals.”

Blah blah blah.

Even if you’re not a Trump supporter, it seems pretty damn obvious that Trump is enjoying being president; the man’s ego is constantly being fed either by the positive or negative attention from the media and the masses.

He’s CLEARLY loving it.


Because that crackpot feeds the anti-Trump, Leftist narrative which is all they have remaining, especially since they just showed their asses this past week with that weak shutdown that gave them nothing.

Gotta give Wolff props, the amount of free marketing he’s received for this book is phenomenal. Even Trump supporters themselves are reading the book because they want to see what he’s written.

They have faith … in their narrative.

That’s about it.


Michael Wolff finally had his a** handed to him, courtesy of Meghan McCain (You really have to watch this)

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