Hey Alyssa, did you know the Constitution already covers all Americans, men, and women? And that pretending we need a special bill to make sure women are super duper equal is the opposite of equality? Being special is never being equal.

But that didn’t stop Alyssa from going on some pointless tweetstorm about the Equal Rights Amendment.

Yeah, we rolled our eyes too.

A lot.

Did you know there are no guarantees in life? OMG QUICK WRITE AN AMENDMENT.

That’s already there, in the Constitution.

See the 14th Amendment.


No, people like Alyssa Milano pretending we need special legislation to protect women actually perpetuates the idea that women are less than.

Women need to work different jobs that pay more (like plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc.) if they want to earn more.

Ugh, when will this wage gap myth DIE?

Abortion isn’t a right.

But life is.

Because it’s already in the Constitution.


Is Alyssa really so dense about the Constitution that she actually believes it doesn’t cover women?

Wait, don’t answer that.

But Alyssa needs to believe that women are victims BECAUSE otherwise what can she prattle on all day, every day about?

Apparently, she’s not.

Shhh, she’s rolling.

Scary indeed.

We keep waiting for the day that she figures out she’s tweeting stuff that will make her look stupid.

Hasn’t happened yet.

Don’t give her any ideas, man.

She should stick with playing pretend, right?


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