So WalMart giving BACK to its employees is a bad thing. K.

Judd is the kind of guy who comes to a birthday party and reminds everyone that a birthday is really just another year closer to you DYING. Seriously. If Obama’s admin had found a way to inspire corporations to raise wages for their employees and give out bonuses Judd and others on the Left would be calling him a hero for all the little people.

Of course, Obama would never cut taxes or regulations so corporations could do these things for their employees so it’s a moot point but still …

Here we go again, $190 isn’t a lot of money to these people. Forget that it’s two weeks of groceries, three tanks of gas, an electric or gas bill …

Imagine being this damn miserable that you feel the need to poo all over someone else’s good fortune.

SO WHAT?!?! Under Obama, they couldn’t give their employees ANYTHING like this.

Let’s put it in perspective, WalMart is the employer and in business to MAKE MONEY. They don’t have to do a damn thing for their employees and yet they are, all because Republicans cut taxes.

The Left HATES that it worked and that the economy is turning around as Americans have more money in their pockets.


Which is still far more than anyone got under Obama.

Suck it up.



It is good news, the Left just can’t stand the idea that tax cuts and trickle-down economics actually work.

Also, Judd ignored the whole deal from WalMart:


Wait, you mean lowering prices so more Americans can spend MORE with them and ultimately result in more bonuses and higher wages?

Get outta here.

That may be the Left’s new tagline.



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