For eight years, Obama blamed Bush for his crap economy, and the Left supported these empty talking points because it kept them from having to accept the fact that their policies suck.

Job loss, 10 trillion in new debt, an economy sucking wind and health care in a shambles is what Obama left Americans.

And after only one year, Trump seems to be turning it all around:

All Sarah Sanders had to do was share FACTS … funny how that works.

And seriously, this is beyond annoying, they never wanted Obama to accept the blame for his own economy and now that it’s recovering they want to give him credit?

Yeah, we call SORTS of BS all over this.

Sarah just kept sharing FACTS, which is the best way to rip the Left … facts are like kryptonite.

And this, these people.

You know this is making them crazy.

They so badly want Americans to fail because they hate Trump JUST that much, which if you think about it is just awful.

Let’s be honest, no matter which Republican won this election and no matter how much good he or she did, these ingrates would still be bitching and moaning or trying to find a way to give Obama credit.

For tax cuts.

And cutting regulations.


Forced to work part-time because Obamacare killed fulltime jobs across the country.


Oh, and this news from WalMart makes them really really really pissy.

But we thought evil corporations were just going to keep the money they saved in tax cuts.

Huh, who knew?

Psst … we did.


DILLY DILLY! Dems accidentally prove Sarah Sanders RIGHT about their worst fears, and it’s HILARIOUS